Our direct staffing model ensures clients have dedicated, experienced professional brand ambassadors

With access to more than 80,000 exceptional field staff in 300+ U.S. markets, we have dedicated and skilled brand ambassadors, field managers, models, mascots and more ready to share our clients’ enthusiasm. Our hands-on direct staffing model builds trust and ensures our clients have dedicated, experienced professionals representing their brands.

Direct Hire Staffing

We hire all of our own experiential marketing specialists to staff your on-the-ground campaigns, with more than 80,000 professionals in our database. We handle all of our own background checks, training, and payroll so you can focus on your brand experience.

Smart Recruitment

We conduct all of our own interviews, assessing qualifications and vetting each individual staffer to ensure they are right for your campaign. Then, we check in with our staff frequently and provide you with regular reports and measurements that coincide with your KPIs.

Skillful and Experienced Staff

Our experiential marketing specialists can handle any task, from product sampling to spokespeople and everything in-between. We have specialists in more than 375 U.S. media markets to fit your unique needs.

Staff Roles

  • Field managers and team leads
  • Brand ambassadors
  • Product specialists
  • Samplers
  • Labor and support staff
  • Drivers
  • Regional managers
  • Hospitality staff
  • College ambassadors
  • Spokesmodels and presenters
  • Liquor representatives
  • In-store demonstrators
  • Tour managers
  • Nightlife managers
  • Automotive specialists
  • Fitness instructors
  • Emcees and DJs
  • Entertainers
  • Photographers
  • Secret Shops


  • Interview sourcing
  • Qualification and vetting
  • Selection and recommendation


  • On-boarding
  • Event and brand training
  • On site management and Reporting
  • 24/7 support


  • Custom reporting tools
  • Data, images and video
  • Social media measurement

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