How to Find Staff For Your Holiday Event

The holiday season is around the corner so many companies are planning holiday events for their staff and clientele. Holding a Christmas party or some type of holiday event is an important aspect of a company’s experiential marketing. Holiday events can be part of a company’s tradition and brand history.

But not every holiday event is successful. Christmas parties have become such a cliché that many employees prefer not to attend them. To host a successful party you must add elements that will draw your guests’ interests. You also need to staff it with the right number of qualified and enthusiastic personnel. 

Enthusiastic brand ambassadors and event staff can transform your event from a boring Christmas party to the best event of the year. Keep reading for our top tips on hiring staff for an upcoming holiday event.

Define the Roles You’re Hiring For

The first step in finding staff for your Christmas marketing event is to identify what jobs need to be done. Once you know the tasks you can decide on the type and number of employees needed to do the work. 

For starters, don’t try to organize the event alone. You’ll need some logistics and event planning personnel. Their exact number will depend on the size of your function. You’ll also need a marketing person or marketing team to spread the word about your event. 

On the day of the event, you’ll need onsite personnel such as ushers, information desk attendants, ticket scanners, cleaners, etc. Don’t forget about sourcing the right host or DJ for the event as this role will shape the whole tone of the event. You may need to contract specialist companies for your food and entertainment as well as security services. 

Once you identify the vacant roles, write a comprehensive job description for each position you want to fill. The job descriptions will feature in your job adverts and will make it easier to find the right people to fill each role. 

Assign a Team Leader

When you’re looking to put together staff for a holiday event, it may be helpful to find a team lead first. This person can help to hire, assign, and organize everyone you’ll need to make your holiday party a success. The team lead will be in charge of getting connected to talent so that will take the stress off your shoulders. 

The team lead can be like a project manager. They’ll be able to overlook the staff throughout the process and keep everything for the event in order. It may be best to assign someone that already has a leadership position or who has displayed great management skills within the company. 

You can also hire out for a team lead by filling the role with someone who has project management skills. Be sure to let this person know that they will be in charge of putting together the staff for the event as well as figuring out roles that you’ve already outlined.

Hire Inside Help

Before you decide to hire outsiders, check if any of your current employees want to work at your holiday marketing event. There are many good reasons to hire current employees rather than strangers for your event. First, employees have already undergone your vetting process, so they’re more trustworthy than unvetted outsiders.

With current employees, you also have all their statutory paperwork. This means you won’t spend any time onboarding them. Your engaged employees will also make the best brand ambassadors for your event.

This is because they have a passion for your company as well as in-depth knowledge of your brand. A new hire will need to get some training on your company brand and the behavior you expect from them.

So which positions should you fill with current employees? Your planning committee should include current employees interested in assisting with the event management. If you’re hosting a holiday marketing event, you could use current employees in any positions that they qualify for.

Advertise the open positions on employee forums as there may be staff members interested in working the event for extra pay. If the holiday event is a staff party, it would be best to hire outside help for any open positions. This is because you want your employees to relax and enjoy the holiday event you are hosting for them. 

Contract an Event Staffing Company

The easiest and fastest way to get the right event for your holiday event is to use the services of an event staffing company like Auctus Agency. Event companies already have a roster of trained professionals. This allows them to be able to staff your event even on short notice. 

Agency employees have already undergone vetting and background checks, so you don’t have to worry about compromising your event’s security. Agencies would also be responsible for adhering to all hiring laws and health and safety requirements. Once you pay the agency fee you don’t have to worry about interviews, payroll, uniform, or event staff supervision and discipline. 

Find the Right Staff for Your Holiday Event

Holiday events are a great way to bond with your staff and clients and build company traditions. But without proper planning and staffing, they can be a waste of time and money. Hiring the right event staff for your next holiday event is one way of ensuring that your event is a success. 

If you will be hiring your own event staff it’s important to start your recruitment early. The best option for hiring event staff, especially if you’re short on time or resources is to contract an event staffing agency. They have the experience and networks to find the best talent for your event.

Contact us today to secure staffing to make your next holiday party a success.

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