Experiential Marketing at Festivals and Fairs

A recent study found that 74% of people say that engaging in event experiences makes them want to buy the promoted products. Event marketing through fairs, festivals, and conferences is crucial to not only brand awareness but brand growth. However, how do you create experiences that attract potential customers?

Don’t worry! We’ve investigated all you need to know about experiential marketing in fairs and festivities. That way, you can promote your brand and increase your customer base.

Now, are you ready to get started? Read on to learn about marketing with festivals:

Find a Fair That Aligns With Your Business

First things first, look for fairs or festivals in your area that align with your business or brand mission. For example, if you sell custom crafts, it wouldn’t make sense for you to rent a booth at a wine and cheese festival. So look for festivals or fairs that would help grow your brand and increase your customer base.

Like if you did sell custom crafts, a good place to market would be local craft fairs, art festivals, and even local farmer markets. These events will maximize your target audience and even introduce new customers to your business.

Event Sponsorship

Once you find a festival that will work for you, rent a booth and create an attention-grabbing experience that will attract interested customers. Now, your experiential marketing experience doesn’t have to be over the top; instead, it can be as simple as a flower wall for pictures.

However, you’ll want to think of something that aligns with your brand and creates a publicity stunt. For example, if your business makes custom glass work, instead of just collecting orders, you could have one of your employees create the glass right in front of customers.

That way, customers are intrigued and also entertained by your booth. It will increase brand awareness and make people want to purchase from you so they can see their item being made.

Get Social

Don’t forget the impact of social media. While a fair enables you to connect with customers face to face, that doesn’t replace social media’s importance. In fact, a recent study found that 98% of people who participate in live events create digital content to share with their friends and followers. So, in addition to creating an attention-grabbing experience, you’ll also need to create shareable opportunities.

However, they don’t have to be different experiences; instead, they can be one and the same. Look back at our previous example of making glass in front of customers. That is essentially an in-person demo which is a great attention-grabbing and shareable experience.

Although to make your brand stand out either behind the worker or in front of him/her, you can display your company’s social’s and brand name. That way, anyone that sees the video will know your brand name and what you do.

Use an Experiential Marketing Strategy Today

Experiential marketing in festivals and fairs sounds difficult but is easy to implement. All you have to do is think about your brand and what your target audience likes.

Ensure that you have some activity or show that would grab attention and promote a shareable experience. This can be an in-person demo, photo wall, or live show. To market your brand correctly, ensure you have enough staffing and promotional materials to give customers the best experience possible.

Now, to learn more about how experiential marketing works, contact us today at the Auctus Agency.

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