5 Tips for Successful Outdoor Event Marketing

People are looking for a reason to get outside. When the weather is perfect, why not host an outdoor event? Plus, it’s a perfect marketing opportunity.

Event ideas include music festivals, craft fairs, movies on the lawn, sports games, and more. These outdoor events draw large crowds, so ensure you have marketing ideas to promote your brand.

Creating successful campaigns requires creativity. Outdoor marketing, however, presents its unique opportunities. The effectiveness of your outdoor marketing campaign is greatly influenced by factors such as traffic and weather.

Standing out amongst the sea of businesses in your industry means being daring. Here are five tips to remember to create an outdoor event marketing strategy that works.

1. Event Planning for Outdoor Festivals

Regardless of the business dynamic, planning an event requires answering five important questions. They are who, what, when, where, and why. The experiential value of answering these questions is that it helps you visualize the event.

Knowing your target audience, you know the type of marketing ideas to research. It also helps you create a budget.

Assemble a team to help you with planning. Assign tasks according to people’s knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm. Invest in an event planning app to help your teams stay organized and communicate throughout the planning process.

2. Banners

There are three ways to take part in outdoor events. They are hosting, sponsoring, and vending opportunities. If your goal is to host an event, visibility is essential.

Outdoor marketing ideas need to focus on brand visibility. Utilize portable banners that display the event name, company name, and logo.

Outdoor events will attract spectators. Make sure they can see your banners even if they don’t attend the event. An eye-catching, well-constructed banner stand or pop-up banner is a great way to get noticed.

3. Street Marketing

Also known as Guerilla Marketing, it’s a tactic used to attract younger audiences. Assemble groups of people to venture out to concerts, festivals, and business districts to hand out flyers about your event.

Ensure they wear branded T-shirts and know about your business and event.

4. Street Art

Street marketing is experimental. If your city permits it, an artist can create chalk art on nearby streets that advertise your outdoor event. You can discontinue the method if you don’t get a good response.

5. Digital Billboards

Companies are now turning to digital billboards for marketing. The change makes it a viable marketing solution for organizations of all sizes.

Supply the billboard company with your outdoor event graphics and choose your locations. They will place your ad into the rotation for each billboard you choose.

Some restaurants and bars now offer tabletop digital displays. Place your marketing in front of many people by marketing at various locations.

Host a Successful Event!

Marketing strategies are geared toward the audience a business wants to attract. You’ll need to be strategic and creative to avoid wasting valuable resources by targeting the wrong crowd.

If you’re seeking capital for an outdoor event, contact Auctus to see if we can help.

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