How Brand Loyalty is Like Falling In Love

The first time your hand’s touch, the first kiss, the first time you say “I love you.” These are a few unforgettable moments in the beginning stages of a relationship. Here’s how becoming loyal to a brand is just like falling in love, and how you can actively build lasting, loyal relationships with your customers.

The Initial Attraction

Every relationship starts with that first look – the spark of initial attraction. It’s the moment when you notice the object of your affection for the first time. You might see a brand for the first time in a commercial or another form of advertising. Maybe a friend of yours uses the brand regularly, and you finally choose to pay attention. Whatever the circumstances, this first impression is crucial. As a business owner, it’s important to understand what kind of impression your brand makes on new customers. Take a step back and examine the entire experience a customer has when they are introduced to your brand. Consider your company name, logo, colors, slogan, products, and existing marketing.

The Flirtation

When your customers start using your product or service, they’re not loyal yet. They can leave at any moment. One bad PR move or a negative customer experience can send them running for the hills (or your competitors). During this stage of the relationship, it’s important that you’re attentive. Provide incentives for them to keep coming back. An onboarding process, a welcome email sequence, or a new customer discount is a wonderful way to keep the buyers engaged. It’s also an excellent time to invite them to company-sponsored events like tastings, exhibits, or other interactive forums.

The Relationship

Here is your big opportunity to win over loyal customers. Focus on finding ways to make your customers feel special and appreciated. Programs like frequent flier miles, a free coffee after purchasing 10, or other loyalty programs can go a long way toward building a stable relationship. Finally, make sure you focus heavily on CRM. They don’t call it customer relationship management for anything. Communicate with your clients and allow them opportunities to reach out with their thoughts, concerns, and comments.

The Fall

You’ve done everything right. Your customers are becoming loyal to your brand, but they’re not yet 100% committed. You need one more thing to gain complete buyer loyalty: brand congruence. You need to express to your customers that you understand them and that your brand represents them. You need to connect with them on a deeper level than just your product. You can do this through experiences, marketing, brand consistency, and communication.

How Brand Ambassadors Can Keep The Flame Burning

As the saying goes, “You can’t hurry love.” But you can certainly help it along. One great way to do that is through the use of brand ambassadors. Brand ambassadors represent your product and brand and connect with your customers to create genuine and lasting relationships. You can hire brand ambassadors for events like sponsorships, sporting events, or holiday parties. You can also hire them to demonstrate your product in stores and engage with your audience in real-time.

To learn more about how brand ambassadors can help you build lasting, loyal relationships with your customers, contact Auctus Agency today.

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