Using Event Marketing to Build Brand and Increase Consumer Loyalty

Event marketing, or using experiences and promotional events to draw in consumers of a good or service, can be substantially more effective than other traditional advertisements. With 58% of marketers considering event marketing to be their most powerful tool, it’s important to capture that power. We know how to take advantage of marketing trends and harness the benefits of event marketing. Event marketing is an art; it takes significant planning and creativity, but it’s completely worthwhile. An effective marketing event can increase sales, brand exposure, and consumer loyalty. Read on to learn about the benefits and strategies of event marketing.

How Event Marketing Allows You to Connect

1. Increase Brand Exposure

Event marketing increases brand exposure by allowing consumers to interact with the brand. The advertisement and promotion that goes into organizing a marketing event serve as brand promotion in itself, but anyone who attends gets to experience the product or service firsthand. Branding is important, but ensuring that potential consumers get to experience the brand is even more important because they can then discuss the brand in their social circles, whether in-person or online. Once consumers have learned about the brand in an engaging environment, they are more likely to have a positive association with the brand. A large, creative event also draws significant media attention, so it’s important to interact with any media representatives who attend or discuss the event. 

2. Connect with Target Demographic

If the event revolves around the product or service you provide, it will be sure to draw in the audience to which you wish to market. Our organization knows how to take advantage of brand psychology to draw in the desired audience. By creating an event specifically tailored to the target demographic, we can help you gain a loyal consumer base by providing the exact type of event they desire. Focusing on publicizing the event to the target audience can also be an effective strategy for maximizing outreach.

3. Accumulate Positive Reviews

Our creative events foster a fun environment in which consumers can enjoy themselves. Potential consumers will associate your product or service with enjoyment, and they will be much more loyal to your brand as a result. However, attendees at a marketing event are also much more likely to leave positive reviews about your brand than people who have simply purchased the good or service. Consumers may leave the review online for everyone to see, or they may express their delight with the event to their friends and family, which is equally beneficial.

4. Gain Marketing Material

Marketing events can be amazing, riveting material for blog posts and photos. The event itself is great marketing material before the fact, but the event could also produce photos that are ideal for your social media feed for weeks after the event. The loyal consumers who attended the event would likely be elated to see themselves in a post from one of their favorite brands. Event marketing can be a great opportunity to gain marketing material that acquaints potential consumers with your brand and garner positive attention.

5. Increase Online Presence

Along the same lines as gaining marketing material, event marketing provides the perfect opportunity to increase your brand’s online presence. Our events are aesthetically-pleasing, fun, and attention-catching. Those are the exact types of posts that are likely to gain traction on an online platform. Social media and blogs can be used to promote the event, but they may also be used to celebrate the success of the event after the fact. Posting awesome pictures from the event may create a sense of FOMO in potential consumers who opted out of attending. Once they see how fun and successful the event was, they may be more likely to attend the next marketing event your brand decides to do.

6. Maximize Customer Engagement

One of the ways that event marketing builds brand loyalty is by maximizing engagement. Events are, without a doubt, much more engaging than any other form of consumer marketing because it really encourages consumers to interact with your product or service in a fun setting. This allows consumers to really become acquainted with your product or service, and once they see how amazing it is, they’ll be hooked. Event marketing allows consumers to get just as excited about your brand as you are.

7. Receive Accurate Feedback

This sort of experiential marketing not only allows a potential consumer base to engage with your product or service but can help improve it. At an event, consumers can ask questions and give feedback about whatever good or service you are promoting, and based on those questions and feedback, you may come up with ideas to improve it.

8. Reach a New Audience

We understand that pulling off a successful marketing event requires significant outreach and advertisement before the fact. All of the efforts that you spend promoting the event will not be wasted, as it will help your brand reach a completely new audience. The attendees at your event will help your brand spread by word-of-mouth, reaching all sorts of people that may not have ever heard about your good or service otherwise. Building connections with the existing, loyal consumer base is obviously important, but that demographic can be just as important in reaching a new audience that can boost sales and spread the word further.

9. Bolster Sales

Our events, while well-thought-out and fun, are primarily to help your brand boost sales. The emotional connection to consumers results in increased sales for your brand. The loyal consumer base that event marketing helps you build will remain loyal and continue to purchase your product or service. The event itself can also promote sales since consumers will want to buy your product or service after engaging with it at the event. In fact, many marketing events allow consumers to purchase the good or service at the event itself, boosting sales.

Tips for Maximizing Emotional Connection to Your Brand

1. Use Social Media to Promote the Event

If there is ever a time to really invest in online advertisements, it is right before a big event marketing campaign. Social media is vital to spreading the word about a marketing event. Otherwise, potential consumers may not even hear of it. Investing in online advertisements and graphics for your brand’s social media sites can be worthwhile leading up to the marketing event. Investing in online advertisements is also a great idea because it allows you to reach your target audience directly. Online advertisements are ideal because they make it so easy to advertise directly to the target demographic. 

2. Consider Reaching Out to Sponsors

Many successful marketing events use resources outside of the company itself. Collaboration can be key to pulling off the perfect marketing event. If there are any brands that you feel would complement your own well, or if there is a certain restaurant you would like to cater to your event, don’t be afraid to reach out. The other company could likely also benefit from the increased exposure from such an event. Collaboration at an event can be a great way for two brands to join forces to ensure consumers have a great time while also building consumer loyalty and building their brand. 

3. Encourage Attendees to Promote the Brand

One of the great aspects of event marketing is that not all promotional content needs to come from your company. With social media being so prevalent these days, consumers who are enthusiastic about your brand can spread the word using their own social media accounts. For this reason, it can be a good idea to have picture-perfect photo opportunities at your marketing event. Consumers can take selfies or pictures with their friends and post them on Instagram for everyone to see. Encouraging these photos is a great way to get a little bit of extra free advertising.

4. Give Discounts to the First People to Attend

One of the hardest parts of planning a marketing event is getting it off the ground, so to speak. Because of this, it is important to incentivize attendance for the first people who decide to come. Once there is a significant group at the event, more people will come, but getting the first few people to sign up or come is the hardest. Giving certain perks or discounts to the first people to sign up or come is an amazing way to ensure that your event gains some traction, while also scoring brownie points with the consumers. There are many creative ways to incentivize attendance for those first people to make sure your event is successful.

Event marketing is a win-win situation for both the company and the consumer. Consumers get to attend a fun, interactive event where they can engage with a product or service they’re interested in. Companies, on the other hand, benefit from the exposure, reviews, and feedback provided by those consumers.

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