New Year/New You Opportunities

New Year events can be a terrific time for marketers, with opportunities to boost sales, offer New Year promotions, and make full use of the high spirits following the holidays and New Year’s Eve.

Lots of people looking for fun ways to see out the previous year, creating opportunities for New Year experiential marketing. Entering a new year, many people have a list of resolutions and aims. These often require spending money, providing marketers with a captive audience for diverse products and services.

Include these ideas in your overall new year marketing strategy for great results.

Host a New Year Event

Whether online or in-person, connect with potential customers at a special New Year event. Unless hosting a celebration to ring in the new year, time your event so as not to clash with other plans people may have over the holidays. Promote your event through social media to not only encourage attendance but also engage with those who aren’t able to attend. Take the opportunity to inject a personal touch into your New Year experiential marketing, perhaps by looking back over the past year, thanking valued customers, and mentioning exciting new plans for the forthcoming 12 months.

Launch a New Product or Service

Leverage the feeling of hope and joy that typically accompanies the start of any new year and launch a new product or service. You can create plenty of hype in advance, using email campaigns, social media channels, and similar, and provide something new and exciting for the new year. New Year’s Day is a great time to release a new product or service.

Add Something New

As well as new products or services, enhance your business opportunities by adding something new to your operations. For example, start a customer loyalty scheme if you don’t already have one. Make sure to create plenty of buzz in advance to entice people to sign up. A new year equals new ways to target customers! Alternatively, how about a referral program?   

Run a New Year Giveaway, Promotion, or Competition

People love the feeling of getting something for free or cheap, especially if there’s a sense of exclusivity. Build a sense of urgency and appeal to the side of people that hates missing out. Common ideas include New Year discounts, whether on everything or on a person’s first purchase of the year, two-for-one deals, coupons, and similar. Get creative and try to offer something appealing.  

Similarly, competitions are a good way to engage with consumers and finish the year with fun while expanding your reach and building your reputation.

Decorate for the New Year

Whether it’s at an event, at your physical premises such as a shop, gym, salon, or similar, or whether it’s online, get into the festive mood with some New Year décor. Physically, think banners, balloons, and garlands, all displaying your logo, tagline, or some other brand identifier. Online, how about a holiday-themed border on your website, holiday greeting and images on social media pages, a temporary fun New Year twist to your logo, or an eye-catching New Year banner or popup on your website’s homepage?      

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