Using Promo Staff for a Product Launch: What to Know

A bad product launch can ruin your business. Even major companies have blundered a big product, whether through new product marketing or launch events. 

There are steps in launching a new product that can lead to the most successful product launches. Using promo staff for a product launch is one way to mitigate any major flubs. 

Promo staff is a great type of experiential marketing. In this post, we’ll go through some of the reasons why you need promo staff to help in launching a product.

Guerrilla Engagement in a Product Launch

Whether you’re doing a consumer packaged good launch, also known as a CPG launch, or something else, having real people behind your products is key for consumer engagement. If you live in any major city, you’ll have likely been stopped in the street to try a new product. 

Street teams and brand ambassadors are part of the promo staff who put a face behind a product. If a potential consumer can put a trusting presence behind a product, they’re more likely to give it a try. 

CPG launches are some of the easiest options for promo staff. At events, promo staff can walk the floor, engaging consumers and potential customers. They can provide on-the-spot demonstrations, and give away freebies and swag so your brand stays with consumers after they’ve moved on. 

Best Promo Staff Candidates for New Products

The best promo staff for new products are people who genuinely care about the product. People have made a profession out of being a promo staff member.

Not all promo staff can work directly for a brand. Businesses will often hire actors to do the best work. Even having a minor qualification in acting will help your product go the extra mile. 

Using actors is a tried and true product launch strategy. Many successful product launches have used actors, or professional “hype people” for their promo staff.

Promo staff also need to adhere to high appearance standards. There’s a reason why blockbuster brands use models and famous actors to promote their products. Not only do celebrities lend their efficacy to a brand, but their looks go a long way in making the product more appealing.

Tech companies and complex companies will hire people with business degrees for promo staff. Many business students do promo work to help pay for college. The unique understanding gleaned from business and marketing degrees makes them expert candidates for sales opportunities.

How to Hire Promo Staff

Hiring the best people requires a lot of work, which is why many brands choose to source from third-party providers for their product launch. Whether you’re doing a CPG launch for a new product or an existing brand, promo staff are a key requirement.Launch marketing goes better with a friendly face in the first-person. Launching a product can also take a huge number of people, making promo staff an affordable option. Get in touch to see how we can help find promo staff for your launch event.

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