5 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Event at a Brewery

No matter the time of year, it always seems to be the season for events. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate gathering, or anniversary party, there are plenty of events to plan and host throughout the year. 

If you have an event coming up and you’re feeling a bit bored with traditional event locations, you might want to consider brewery events. In addition to beer sampling, there are a variety of other reasons why using a brewery as your event space is a great idea. 

This guide will discuss the top five reasons why you should make your next event a brewery experience. 

1. Relaxed Vibe 

You can find a brewery almost anywhere and in any type of location. Many of them are located in industrial spaces. You can enjoy built-in design features, like pipes, high ceilings, and exposed brick. 

Additionally, there’s more than just brewery sampling at beer events. A lot of breweries have other activities already there to keep their customers entertained. Some of the activities include:

  • Ping pong
  • Cornhole
  • Live music
  • Outdoor seating 

You won’t have to worry about bringing in the entertainment. It’s already there for you. 

2. Flexible Pricing Options

How much it costs to rent a brewery for your event depends upon what you want to be included, like food and beverages. However, compared to conference centers or private clubs, renting out a brewery is easier on your budget. 

Local breweries are always looking for ways to access new customers and expand. They’re likely happy to offer you affordable pricing options that fit your budget.  

3. Beer Sampling 

When you have your event at a brewery, most of your beverages are already built-in. Depending upon what the brewery offers, you can let your guests try different beers or have a set menu. Guests can also take advantage of different beer flights so they can taste more than one beer that’s on the menu. 

4. Tons of Photo Opportunities

How Instagram-worthy your event space is a major factor in getting people to hear about it. The interior design of a brewery will vary from place to place, but each will have a unique personality. That makes for great backdrops for photos and videos. 

Encourage event attendees to tag you and the brewery in any photo they post. You can also create unique hashtags that they can use in their photo captions as well. As people see photos from your event, they’ll get more interested in the brewery and what took place. 

5. Support a Local Business

Hosting an event at a locally owned and non-traditional business will benefit both you and the brewery. The brewery owners will be excited to get new faces into their company to try their product. They’ll also likely promote your event in different beer marketing channels. 

Host Your Next Event at a Local Brewery

Whether you own a brewery or are looking for an innovative location to host your next event, explore local breweries. From beer sampling to exceptional food, you’re sure to have an exceptional experience. You can also make your event stand out by tapping into their brewery marketing contacts. Contact us today to learn about our event planning services. 

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