Community Event Brand Marketing and Sampling: A Closer Look

Community is more than just a great TV show that ran for six seasons that people still reference today. Community is something people are hungering to be a part of now that more of the world is opening up.

Local community events are starting back, and this gives you the opportunity for great brand marketing by creating shared experiences. Read on to find out how your brand can create experiences that win customer loyalty.

Experiential Marketing Benefits

Experiential marketing is directly engaging with your customers in a way that is memorable for them. You create something that highlights your product and gives them a unique experience.

People love to have memorable experiences! They talk about these experiences and share them online and with their friends. When your brand creates a special experience for people, they will be natural promoters for you.

Sharing an experience with them actually creates a relationship with them. They feel connected to your brand because you did something “with” them or you created something just for them to experience. 

Brand Marketing Targets

Your goal is to think of the target audience and create an experience that adds value to them and highlights your product. Creating an offline event that is memorable will help create online buzz as they share it. 

You start by looking for community events that are natural for your audience. Find ways to be part of the event so you can make personal connections with your audience.

This will make your brand memorable because it connected with them at the event. You also want to give them easy ways to share and post about it. You can create a hashtag and even set up a place for them to take pictures.

Creativity Instead of Cost

The great thing about creating experiences is they don’t have to be expensive. You can rent a space for a booth at a county fair or state fair that doesn’t cost a lot. Then create a special experience within that booth for your audience.

You don’t want to just hand out a sampling of your product. You want to make your audience earn the sampling in a fun way. This will make memories and people will connect with your team and your brand in the process.

This gives a more organic feel. People are more likely to share if they feel the event is organic. If you make it feel too staged, they won’t share it. Consumers are savvier today and won’t share unless they feel it is a genuine event.

The Community Connection

Brand marketing through community events humanizes your company and creates a genuine connection with your audience. This connects with them so much more than just another ad online.
Our passion at Auctus is connecting people through shared experiences. We have connected brands with people at community events all across the country. Contact us to find out how we can connect your brand with shared experiences. 

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