3 Ways To Maximize Your In-Store Marketing Efforts

If your sales are slumping, you need dynamic in-store marketing to get noticed and increase profits. Creating a buzz around your marketing efforts means people will stop to sample your product and to think about a purchase – all while they shop! 

You can create experiential marketing techniques such as in-store promotions, displays, and events to boost sales. You’ll begin to notice results in no time! 

Here are three ways to get the most out of your in-store marketing efforts. 

1. Experiential Marketing Begins With In-Store Promotions

Entice customers walking into the store with freebies. Coupons, loyalty rewards, and giveaways are great ways to snag customers looking to purchase products. People may come into the door looking for one thing but leave with another. 


Offering customers a coupon as they arrive at an in-store marketing event is a great way to get them to spend money with your company. You can offer retail customers discounts such as a percentage off an item for ‘buy one get one.’ Coupons are cheap to print as part of your marketing efforts. 

Loyalty Rewards:

Your marketing efforts might include setting up loyalty rewards for customers to encourage the faithful to return. Set up a database of repeat customers and offer them additional incentives to come back for another visit. To bring other additional customers, add a ‘bring a friend’ experiential marketing initiative, which could mean additional discounts. 


Plenty of marketing efforts use giveaways to get people in a store. At Thanksgiving, some grocery stores give away a free turkey, knowing you will buy the trimmings too. Whether your giveaways are hats, t-shirts, or bags, use this technique as an excellent retail marketing method.

Giveaways can also include free samples. You can give customers trial-sized portions of your product with the intent of a full-sized purchase.

Limited Time Offer:

When you make something available for a ‘limited time,’ you create buzz. People will come out in droves to get an exclusive item with limited production. In some cases, they become collectibles. 

2. Displays 

Colorful in-store displays make for a great marketing technique. A large display can feature your product, brand, and slogan. Displays capture your attention as you shop, and people will immediately notice what you’re selling. 

Portable Displays:

Displays are a portable part of retail marketing. If your product is not selling in one store, you can quickly move it to another. You can break down a display and transport it in minutes. 


You even can make displays more interactive with electronics where people can learn about your product and make them more engaged! Using computer screens with this type of experiential marketing, people can watch videos, hear testimonials, and even watch how people would use your product. 

Digital marketing in-store can be expensive, but much depends on the product you are selling. What’s the return on your investment? Digital in-store marketing might be cheaper in the long run because 

Dump Bins:

Think of ‘dump bins’ as part of your marketing efforts to put large amounts of your product in large cardboard boxes. Each container is then overflowing with items. These displays can take up the middle aisle of a retail location. Large amounts of products get noticed!


Consider capturing a window display as a coup. Retailers typically give this space to their best products because it could decide whether people come inside to shop. Window displays are extravagant and very high-end; because they get a lot of views, you’ll need a big budget to make them look great.

End Caps:

End caps are large displays at the end of an aisle that gives your product prominence. As a shopper rounds a corner, they will see your product from all sides. The end of an aisle is a prime location for sales and to get noticed! Hiring a professional like the Auctus Agency can help you build a display. 

3. Events:

You can create an in-store event aside from having a freestanding display or giving out literature about your product. There are many ideas surrounding circumstances, such as demonstrations, signings, and tastings.


Think of your event as a ‘live’ infomercial. Cooking demonstrations, for example, allow for staffing of your event by chefs to use your product recipes. You can show customers show your spice product is suitable for chicken, fish, and meat. 

Do you sell kitchen gadgets or cookware? What about appliances? When people see products used in real-time, they can see how they adapt to their lifestyle.


Whether you are selling collectibles or books, use an experiential marketing event to host an author or artist. People can visit and get their books or artwork signed. 

In addition, you can make the person available for a gallery talk or a discussion about their experiences. The author or artist can tell an audience about their creations. A meet-and-greet makes a personal connection. People will also share their pictures on social media! 


It’s no secret that people love to give things a taste before purchasing. From chocolate to wine, bourbon to dip, your sales will crease once people smell or taste your product. Handing out small samples in stores gives people the opportunity to sample a new product. As a business owner, this also allows you to find out what people like (and don’t like). For example, that crab dip you thought was a hit might be a flop with your customers. 

Tastings are also a way to get new products before your customers. Staffing tasting events with your employees is a great way to explain your product to customers. No one knows your product better than you!  

Getting the Most Out of Your In-Store Marketing

Dominate sales with your in-store marketing techniques. Using experiential marketing techniques through promotions, displays, and events will attract customers and get your products noticed.  

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