Event Marketing: How to Staff Press Conferences and Media Events

During the average workweek, American companies hire about three million temporary and contract workers, according to the American Staffing Association. You should consider a staffing agency for your next press conference or media event! Staffing agency benefits include helping you save on training and getting skilled employees.

Hiring event staffing workers means you have to consider the size of the event and determine your needs.

Here’s more on hiring staff for event marketing and media relations functions.

Consider the Size of the Event

A press conference or other media relations event can vary in size. Media events for the local news media will include reporters and photographers. Others that will attend include the media event staff and company employees.

Your PR agency will organize an event with speakers and create a visual backdrop. Decide whether your PR stunt will be held inside or outside.

You may also want a virtual press conference to allow more news media. Instead of just including the press, you can expand your event to regional and national news media members. Holding a virtual press conference also means more press conference staff to operate the technical aspects of the event.

You will need to know the size of your event before making any hiring staff decisions.

Determine Your Needs

Staffing agency benefits mean creating press packets for your PR stunt. Media event staff can put together news releases and stock photographs. The press conference staff should provide any background information the news media needs.

It also means crafting a message. Determine what you will say and how you will say it. Press relations means making sure you put a positive spin on your event; you should also anticipate any questions.

Press relations by your temporary staff should also include setting up interviews and providing any technical assistance.

A PR agency will work to ensure each news media organization is invited along with proper parking instructions for the event.

Assign Your Staff

Put each of your staff members in areas where you most need them as you organize your event.

Allow the staff to become creative. Include branding opportunities in your press conference with coffee mugs, pens, and even hats.

Ensure you have the proper event staffing to check in media members and assign press credentials. Show media members where they can plug in cameras and use virtual press conference computers.

Also, ensure each staff member has an ID badge and knows the contact point for any issue.

Hiring Staff for Event Marketing

Hiring staff for event marketing should include considering the size of your event and determining your needs. Moreover, assign staff appropriately for your event.

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