Turning Product Sampling Into Conversion Engines

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82% of shoppers want to “view and touch” products before they buy them online. Many in-person customers feel the same way.

If you want to boost your brand and get more sales, product sampling can be used as a powerful conversion engine. Experiential marketing can do a better job of convincing customers that your product is worth buying than other types of advertising.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to use a street team and turn product sampling into conversion engines.

Why Launch a Product Sampling Campaign?

A product sampling campaign can be a great tool to use as part of your overall marketing strategy. It can do a great job of increasing brand awareness for a product but can also help you boost sales significantly.

If you have an exceptional product available and you know that consumers will love it, then it can be well worth giving away with some free samples. Giving away samples and offering a great experience can build interest in a product and convert customers instantly.

On top of this, product sampling at an event, trade show, or conference can allow you to get valuable feedback from your target audience. It can help you build word-of-mouth about your product and encourage samplers to talk about your product with their friends and family. Product sampling can be a great way to spread brand awareness.

Best Practices for Product Sampling

So what should you remember when sampling products and which strategies can help you get more conversions? Here are a few key strategies to remember.

Narrow Your Focus

When using a sampling marketing strategy, know your goals. Some possible goals include building brand awareness for a new product, getting reviews of your product, or simply getting more sales.

If your goal is to get conversions, keep this in mind and build your strategy accordingly. Optimize your campaign to get more sales and don’t focus on the things that aren’t aligned with your goals.

Make Buying Easy

To get more sales during an experiential marketing campaign, be sure that it’s easy for a customer to make a purchase. The easier you can make it for a sampler to make a purchase, the more sales you’ll get.

If your staff gives samples in person, ensure the product is within easy reach. If your sampling campaign will be online, use calls to action (CTAs) and ensure that a buyer can easily get to a product page to make a purchase.

Stay in Touch

If you launch a sampling campaign online, pair it with email marketing. Collect a customer’s email before sending a sample. Then, send follow-up emails to them after they have received their sample to encourage them to write a review or make a purchase.

If you’re giving away samples in person, also consider having your brand ambassador collect emails and do the same. Staying in touch will give you a much better chance of making a sale.

Planning an Experiential Marketing Campaign

If you want to improve your marketing strategy, consider using experiential tactics. Using a street team for product sampling can go a long way toward boosting sales and spreading brand awareness.

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