Out-of-Home Marketing: The Basics

When people think about marketing campaigns, the first methods that come to mind are often those that target customers while they are at home or when they are browsing the Internet. Out-of-home marketing can also be highly effective. Read on to learn more about OOH basics.

What is Out-of-Home Marketing?

Out-of-home marketing refers to any marketing activities that people are exposed to the outside of the home and that aren’t online.

This type of marketing may also be referred to as out-of-home advertising, OOH marketing, and outdoor media.  

Examples of Out-of-Home Advertising   

Essentially, any form of advertisement or promotion that a person sees outdoors (and not online on their smart devices) is a form of out-of-home marketing. While billboards and posters immediately spring to mind, there are many places that marketers can take advantage of OOH advertising, including:

  • On outdoor furniture, such as benches, bus shelters, cycle stands and kiosks
  • In public transit stations
  • On the side of public transportation vehicles and taxis, both outside and inside
  • Wallscapes at construction sites, parking lots, large buildings and similar
  • On lampposts
  • Next to cash registers
  • Free event merchandise, including t-shirts, key fobs and pens

Digital Out-of-Home Marketing

Outdoor media can also be digital, for example, electronic billboards, and images can be static or in motion. When compared with traditional media, digital displays are often more cost-effective, can be changed easier, and are illuminated, thus providing greater visibility at any time of the day or night.     

Successful OOH Marketing

There are several top tips for people who want to learn OOH marketing, all of which must be considered for a campaign to be successful.

Understand the Goals

Have a clear understanding of the aims and goals before launching an OOH marketing campaign. For example, is the goal to appeal to a new demographic? Increase awareness of the brand? It might be to promote a new or existing product or service. Define your marketing goals in advance and measure the effectiveness throughout the campaign.   

Research the Location

Advertisements should be in places that are seen by the target group. While this generally means high-traffic locations, either for vehicles or pedestrians, there are instances where advertisements perform better when placed in remote areas. For example, promotions for outdoor equipment targeting people hiking in rural areas.

Think about:

  • Visibility
  • Type of people that will see it
  • Needs of those people
  • If a product or service can meet those needs

Consider the Costs

While a huge billboard may capture the attention of more people, the higher costs just wouldn’t be worth the returns for most smaller businesses. Consider the most effective types of outdoor media within your budget. For example, a small poster in a busy area could be a great way for a bar to promote its happy hour.

Check the Competition

Any successful marketing campaign considers the competition. Think about locations that are effective for competitors and consider the strengths and weaknesses of their advertisements. Aim to produce advertisements that are more eye-catching and fill any gaps.   

Be Design Smart

Consumers are only exposed to most OOH advertisements for a relatively short period. Make sure designs are bold and attention-grabbing and that the message is short and clear.

Benefits of Outdoor Media

Many consumers have become somewhat desensitized to in-home advertisements and online marketing. There’s also a lot of distraction that can dilute any marketing message.

OOH marketing is not as easy for consumers to ignore; it subtlety captures attention and can have a large impact. There’s plenty of scope for creativity and limitless locations to choose between. Contact Auctus Agency for successful results-driven out-of-home marketing solutions.

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