Experiential Marketing to Seniors: How It Works

There’s no “if”s, “and”s, or “but”s about it: retirement is pricey. Once seniors reach their goal, however, they’re looking to spend. They’re a valuable demographic, so how do you reach seniors using experiential marketing?

Our experiential marketing to seniors takes in demographic considerations to find new customers and keep them. Read on to learn how Auctus Creative handles these practices.

Define Your Demographics

As with any marketing event, it’s essential you determine your target audience before you plan. Defining that audience as “seniors” is nowhere near specific enough.

Within the senior demographic are several sub-sections. Some seniors have retired, while many still work. Several seniors are grandparents, yet others remain single. If you market to seniors in general, you’ll lose the specificity that makes experiential marketing so successful in the first place.

Although you need to hone down your audience, there are still a few general rules applicable to almost all seniors. For example, a product sampling for seniors probably shouldn’t revolve around a new energy drink or video game. We use common sense, then pair down options for unique ways to reach the senior demographic. 

Simplicity Is Key For Experiential Marketing to Seniors

A senior citizen likely isn’t looking for a wildly new experience. With this in mind, events for seniors should be simple, intuitive, and to the point. 

Our creative team knows how to amp up events to extreme levels. Even with this ability, we reel it back when designing experiential marketing for seniors.

When marketing to seniors, we keep both imagery and language basic and compelling. Iconography should be immediately recognizable and understood. If not, you’ll lose your demographic’s interest. 

While we caution away from a reliance on technology within experiential marketing to seniors, you shouldn’t avoid tech entirely. According to AARP, smartphone adoption is up to 86 percent among Americans aged 50-59 and 81 percent for those 60-69. That’s a huge chunk of the demographic, and one you shouldn’t ignore.  

Build and Keep Trust

Seniors aren’t quick to trust a new idea or brand. You’ll have to work diligently to gain a senior’s trust. Thankfully, we’re experts at it.

We code our language to embrace older demographics for specific campaigns. Our team avoids the red flags that deter seniors from other brands.

We also use retargeting to keep your brand in a senior’s mind. Consistency and repeat engagement are both essential to gaining the trust of the senior demographic. With numerous efforts and engagements, your brand’s trust builds.

Jumpstart Your Experiential Marketing to Seniors

Using a few fundamentals of marketing, your experiential marketing to seniors can thrive. As long as you understand your demographic and market to them effectively, seniors will love your campaigns. Contact us right now to learn how the Auctus Agency can amplify your experiential marketing efforts.

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