How Closely Do You Listen to Your Customers?

As a marketer, you understand the importance of engaging with your audience, but what does engagement mean to you? How do you assess the value of the engagement you receive? We may place too much value on social media likes and shares, when we should be focusing on what our customers are explicitly saying about our company or our brand.

Active Listening Matters

Your customers may not come to you directly to tell you what they want, but believe me, they are talking about it. Skilled marketers learn to listen to the chatter and give their customers what they want, even if they never come right out and ask for it.

What Should I Listen For?

When you put your ear to social media or host local events to communicate directly with your customers, here are the things you should listen for:

  • What do they love about your product?
  • What do they hate about your product? 
  • What do they think would make your product/brand better? 
  • How do they want to be treated? 
  • How can you recognize their loyalty?
  • What do they think of your competition? 
  • Why do they choose you over the competition? 
  • Do they ever think of switching brands? 
  • Are they price elastic? 
  • Do they like your marketing? 
  • What trends are they following? How would they personify your brand?

When it comes to your customers, the most important thing you can do is listen. It’s easy to get caught up in one-way communication through marketing and advertising. But when you listen to your customers, you’ll learn how to innovate and move your company forward. The best way to learn from your customers is to give them the opportunity to reach out to you and share their ideas.If you’d like to host an event with brand ambassadors to represent your product, engage with your audience, and learn new and innovative ways to improve your company, then call Auctus Agency today. We’ll staff your events with trained professionals who can act as the face of your brand.

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