4 Brand Ambassador Qualities That Will Impress Your Consumers

Are you looking for creative ways to improve your marketing efforts through the use of brand ambassadors? Brand ambassadors are people who are naturally excited about your brand and want to spread your company’s message. These brand ambassadors can be paid representatives from marketing firms that you hire to promote your brand or true fans of your brand that you employ with tools to help them share your message more effectively.

Working with brand ambassadors can be an excellent way to help build personal connections between customers and your brand. Because people are more likely to try a new product if they are referred by someone they trust, brand ambassadors can spread your message in a way traditional marketing simply cannot.

Here are four traits shared by the best brand ambassadors.

Loyal (but not to a fault): The best brand ambassadors are big fans of your company. They sing your praises, defend your product to people who prefer another, and will not compromise on price or convenience. They love your brand and are very loyal to it. However –  and this is an important distinction – they are willing and able to give constructive feedback if your business starts to deliver an inferior product. If you change your marketing and it no longer resonates with your target audience, they will tell you. If you release a new product that doesn’t work as they want it to, they’ll bring it to your attention (or maybe even offer ideas for improvements). You don’t want a brand ambassador to be so loyal that they refuse to warn the ship captain about the iceberg in front of them.

Enthusiastic (but not overbearing): You want your brand ambassadors to be excited about your brand. You want them to share their experiences with your product on social media. But if they’re posting about you 15 times per day, they’re not going to make other people want to try your product; they’re going to turn people off. The best brand ambassadors are natural storytellers. They share specific instances when your product improved their life. 

Trustworthy: The most valuable commodity in marketing is trust. If potential customers can’t trust your brand ambassadors, then nothing else matters. If you are hiring people to act as brand ambassadors, it’s vital to trust them. If you are seeking natural brand ambassadors to help build your brand, make sure they are trustworthy before you find out anything else.

The “Tipping Point” factor: In his book The Tipping Point, author Malcolm Gladwell describes the three kinds of people that contribute to an idea “tipping.” In other words, these are the people that turn fads into long-term trends and one hit wonders into legends. Gladwell describes these three kinds of people as Mavens, Connectors, and Salespeople. A Maven knows a lot about all sorts of things. They traffic in information and ideas and have an insatiable curiosity for everything they discover. Connectors are curators of people. They are natural networkers and, regardless of the circumstances, are constantly thinking “Who do I know who knows this?” “Who could I connect you with?” Finally, Salespeople excel at the art of persuasion. They can take any idea and make it seem like an incredible idea. They can make people fall in love, so they are the best natural marketers. Brand ambassadors personify one (or sometimes two) of these archetypes. If you keep track of your brand ambassadors through CRM software, it may be beneficial to divide them into these categories, as it may impact the way you manage your relationship with them.For more information on how brand ambassadors can help your business flourish, or to start working with qualified and enthusiastic brand ambassadors, contact Auctus Agency today.

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