4 Ways to Boost Team Motivation For Event Staff from Auctus Agency

The magic of an event might seem to only lie in the decorations, setup, or even the music. But one of the most important components is the people.

But, unlike technology and music playlists, people can get burnt out and need to be reenergized. This is especially true when they’re working a long event and need to keep the energy high.

Knowing how to keep a staff team motivated throughout an event is essential for enhancing the overall experience. Keep reading to learn from Auctus Agency 4 practical ways to boost team motivation for event staff.

1. Offer Desirable Rewards

Psychologist, Clark Hull, found around the 1940s and 1950s that humans tend to be drawn toward behaviors that they know result in rewards. This alone is a good enough case to utilize incentives as motivation for your event staff.

If your team knows that there is something to look forward to, this can help encourage them to participate in actions that promote the success of events. Figure out what your staff really cares about, then offer this to them in a reward system. Be sure to get as close as possible to what they want to increase their levels of motivation.

2. Let Them Give Their Input

At Auctus Agency, we value making event staff feel like they’re a part of the team. Sometimes events need a lot of creativity and planning. Let your event staff participate in this part of the process.

Allowing event staff to give their input on marketing ideas for events can lead to increased team motivation because it’ll give them a sense of purpose. It’s also helpful to get fresh insights on how you can enhance and improve your experiential marketing campaigns.

3. Give Feedback Regularly

People feel good when they hear positive feedback on their performance. If you want to get your event staff motivated, be sure to tell them all the things they’re doing right. 

When there’s room for improvement, you should also give constructive criticism. Make sure it’s not discouraging and keep the advice helpful.

Recognizing someone’s efforts and giving praise can go a long way. Also, remember to ask for feedback on your performance as well to keep the conversation and exchange two-sided.

4. Plan For Sufficient Breaks

When it comes to working hard at an event, staff will often simply need rest to get themselves reenergized. Always check in on them to make sure they’re taking sufficient breaktimes and not overspending their energy. Provide them with refreshments to stay hydrated and alert. 

Let the Auctus Agency Help You With Your Event Staff

Event staff team members are the heart of your event marketing. It can be challenging for them to work long hours without much in return. Make sure you put effort into boosting team motivation for your staff.

Auctus Agency specializes in making sure your experiential marketing campaigns are top-notch and set up for success. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help improve your brand’s marketing.

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