What to Expect with Experiential Marketing in 2030

Experiential marketing is the future of marketing that produces an authentic brand experience. With 91% of consumers reporting a more positive feeling for a brand through an experiential marketing event, the results are clear.

But what exactly is experiential marketing and how can it benefit your next marketing event now and into the future? If you’ve been asking yourself any of these questions, then you’ve come to the right place.

This guide will take a look at current trends in experiential marketing. We’ll also explore predictions for the future of marketing into 2030. 

If you’re interested in learning more, then keep reading for further information below. 

The Rise of Live Streamed Events

2020 saw the influx of in-person events becoming canceled over fears of COVID-19. In a survey done by MarTech, 50% of marketers opted to skip in-person events for the first half of 2022. In response, many brands adapted an advanced marketing strategy of taking their brand online.

Online or live-streamed events allowed brands to meet people where they were and provided them with a unique brand experience. Using an online marketing event helped brands tap into a wealth of potential consumers and bolster their brand awareness.

These events continued into 2021 as a way for those who still had health and safety concerns about attending live events. Livestreaming and online events gave a way for everyone to be a part of the action. One of the key benefits of experiential marketing is its adaptability.

In 2030, live stream events will grow and become an even bigger part of experiential marketing. They promote inclusivity for disabled and immunocompromised individuals. The use of interactive and closed-caption software will make these marketing events more accessible to everyone. 

The future of marketing will see an increase in live streaming event options. With even more features offered to connect consumers with the brands they love.

The Utilization of Hybrid Events for Marketing 

Venturing past online-only events is a big step necessary for going back to in-person events. But if you’re concerned about leaving your online attendees behind, there is another way. Using hybrid events for marketing can give you the best of both worlds.

A hybrid event combines a virtual event with a live marketing event. It gives both online and in-person attendees a unique brand experience.

A digital marketing event allows attendees to feel like they’re in on the action even from afar. They can still interact with the event while having the flexibility they need to do other tasks at home or on the go. 

An in-person event offers a live experience that requires the attendee to be present the whole time. This may not offer full convenience for all event attendees.

With hybrid events for marketing, it is possible for an in-person attendee to attend the event for part of the time. If they have to leave, they can still view the marketing event through a laptop or smartphone. For at-home attendees, they have the freedom to tune in or out as they wish.

For the future of marketing in 2030, expect more hybrid events to be offered. 

Increase of Collaborations in Marketing

Collaborations in marketing are a great way to incorporate multi-level marketing ideas. Teaming up with like-minded brands allows you to reach an untapped market of consumers.

You can also expand off of experiential marketing trends to increase brand awareness. Marketing collaborations have created some memorable marketing ideas.

For example, in 2021, Wendy’s teamed up with the popular Adult Swim animated show Rick and Morty. It created an immersive drive-thru brand experience. Popular snack brand Oreo teamed up with Pokemon to offer limited-edition Pokemon-themed Oreos. 

In 2030, the brand experience will include more collaborations in marketing. It will take the best of the two brands to form a tag-team approach. This creates a unified advanced marketing strategy. 

Expect to see a wide variety of both similar and unique brand collaborations in the future. They will enhance the overall brand experience and change the future of marketing.

Creating A More Memorable and Engaging Marketing Event

Marketing with events can be a tricky endeavor. Another one of the benefits of experiential marketing is that it improves the connection you make with your consumers.

Establishing a link between your consumer base and your brand is the ultimate endgame. You want to cement your brand into the minds of your consumers and you can do that with a memorable marketing event.

Utilize experiential marketing trends such as pop-up exhibits, VR, and digital photo booths. These will draw event attendees to your booth or marketing event. More eyes on your booth will equal more eyes on your brand.

75% of event attendees felt a stronger connection to a brand after an experiential marketing event. This means you need to focus on giving your attendees a more interactive and personalized brand experience. It drives up brand loyalty.

The future of marketing in 2030 sees event marketing as a fully customizable and immersive experience. 

Integrated Tech to Increase the Brand Experience

Practically everyone uses a smartphone in the modern era. They have evolved to perform many tasks essential to daily living. Smartphones can be used to hail rideshare apps, pay for groceries, place online orders, and even function as a form of event ticket. 

So many marketing ideas and features are becoming implemented into smartphones. It only makes sense that they would pave the way for marketing events in the future as well. 

The future of marketing in 2030, will see the humble smartphone evolve. It can turn into a fully functional and interactive brand experience. It can serve as an all-in-one digital event ticket with an advanced marketing strategy in the palm of the consumer’s hand.

Drone technology is also becoming an integrated form of event marketing. Drones are able to capture aerial views of events and offer a bird’s eye look at events as they happen. Using drone technology can also offer advertising as a form of experiential marketing. 

Integrated tech makes the future of marketing look even brighter. 

Comprehensive Experiential Event Marketing from the Auctus Agency

In the not-too-distant future of 2030, there are many exciting opportunities just over the horizon for event marketing. Experiential marketing can open the doors for expanding your brand experience. 

At the Auctus Agency, we can help you with all aspects of your experiential marketing event. From event staffing to creative and digital marketing, let us bring your marketing ideas to life. We can build an advanced marketing strategy to meet your needs. 

The future of marketing is closer than you think, so trust your event marketing to the Auctus Agency.
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