Why Experiential Is the Future of Brand Marketing

What does the future of marketing look like? Brand marketing strategies change with the times. TV commercials and newspaper ads once dominated marketing strategies.

Social media changed that trend. It redefined brand promotion.

Experiential marketing is the next frontier of marketing.

Retail companies are using experiential marketing to keep customers in their stores. This 

strategy builds stronger relationships and trust, resulting in high retention.

Missing out on experiential marketing is like missing out on social media in the early 2000s. We’ll get you caught up with the opportunity so you can achieve rapid business growth.

What Is Experiential Marketing?

Experiential marketing places a focus on the customer experience. These experiences enable customers to interact with a sampling of your product.

You can focus on one product or highlight several. However, the event itself isn’t a sales fest. Your product blends in the background.

People don’t go to an event to get sold. They go for the experience. Then, if they interact with your sampling, they may buy your product. 

Create Short-Term Experiences

Many retail companies set up brick-and-mortar locations for many years. They will hold onto their stores as long as they generate profits.

Not every experiential marketing strategy follows this trend. Some companies set up a pop-up store in a big city for a few months. 

The heightened urgency incentivizes customers to make room in their calendars sooner. Since the pop-up store won’t stay open forever, they have less time to delay.

After closing down a pop-up store, you can set up shop in another city for a few months. 

Some companies focus on local communities instead of big cities. Local communities present a smaller addressable market. However, it’s often an underserved market.

Not everyone in a big city may hear about your event. Word of mouth can spread more rapidly in a local community since fewer things happen in those areas.

You can also use virtual events to reach more people. Virtual events also come with less overhead and fewer hassles. 

Virtual events lose the physical touch. However, you can still create a great customer experience. Participants can interact with each other and your products.

Leverage A Street Team To Promote Your Event

Every great brand marketing strategy revolves around collaboration. Instead of doing all of the work yourself, you can get help.

A street team can assist with event promotion. A street team consists of brand advocates who like your product and want to share it with others. Street teams spread the word about your event to their communities.

Local pop-up event organizers would look for street team members within the community. Virtual events can cast a wider net and attract street team members worldwide.

Efficient communication with your stream teams will yield better results. Provide them with guidelines on how to share your event and copy for social media content. 

Recruiting People On Your Street Team

Street team members don’t get a salary. Under these circumstances, why would anyone want to join your team?

Street team members will forgo payment in exchange for a great experience. Experiential marketing does not only apply to customers. It also applies to partners and promoters.

You can provide your street team with free products. The strong impression of a gift will make street team members feel appreciated.

People who receive a gift often like to give something in return. Street team members will promote the event with more effort. They will also continue telling people about your brand long after the event.

Simple gestures like calling street team members go a long way. A phone call enables you to know each other. They’ll appreciate you taking busy time out of your schedule to make the call happen.

We Are Already Witnessing The Rise Of Personalized Recommendations

Experiential marketing focuses on the customer and their experiences with your brand. Personalization is the new brand marketing strategy for businesses looking to expand.

We have witnessed personalized recommendations gain steam over several years. Most of us see these recommendations as unaware customers.

When you buy a product on Amazon, they remember. If you buy a golf club, Amazon will show you other golf clubs. They’ll also show you golf bags and buckets of golf balls.

Amazon isn’t the only e-commerce company employing this strategy. You’ll find the same approach on eBay, Etsy, and other platforms.

Personalized recommendations enable customers to buy more of what they want. They may add more items to their cart upon seeing great recommendations.

Personalized experiences and recommendations make customers feel important. If you make someone feel important, they will come back and tell others about your brand.

Brand Marketing For The Future

The advent of social media changed the entire landscape. Businesses could quickly grow audiences and communicate with their customers.

Many brands focused on growing their numbers. They wanted more followers, likes, shares, and comments. 

Experiential marketing is the next wave of brand marketing. It embraces a less is more approach. Instead of a generic experience for many, provide a personalized experience for some.

Experiential marketing can attract many people. Some events get thousands of participants. However, your event will place a stronger focus on quality than quantity.

We Can Modernize Your Brand Marketing

Experiential marketing is a new technique to use in your brand marketing strategy. Some companies get overwhelmed by event planning and logistics. Other brands wonder how events translate into business growth.

At Auctus Agency, we help companies create legendary human experiences. These legendary human experiences increase customer retention and attract new leads.
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