The Top 4 Experiential Marketing Trends to Watch in 2023

The Top 4 Experiential Marketing Trends to Watch in 2023

  1. Augmented and Virtual Reality
    A great way to showcase your brand in the digital world is to hold an Augmented Reality (AG) or Virtual Reality (VR) demonstration.
    The VR market had an anticipated growth of $209.2 billion in 2022, making it a tech revolution not to be missed. And most businesses realize this as corporations are integrating AG into websites and mobile apps as it is easier to implement than complete VR.
    By including one or both of these technologies in your marketing campaign, you can ensure that you attract attention and participation. Get started by checking out Auctus Agency’s digital marketing capabilities.
  2. Pop-ups and Street Teams
    A less digital way to expose the public to your brand is through face-to-face interaction. This may sound traditional, however, there is a twist.
    Pop-ups and street teams marketing tactics use guerrilla interaction as they take people by surprise. When you use Auctus Agency, you receive professional staffing who know how to make effective, spontaneous engagements using creative themes to embellish your brand in whole new ways.
  3. Art Installations
    Another experimental marketing event uses the muse of art in conjunction with your brand. Street teams can also run art installations to attract attention and pull in interested customers.
    Plus, the art itself is a representation of your brand, so whether people stay for the sales pitch or not, they are still exposed to your company.
    This marketing experience is also great for spreading your brand virally. Participants take photos and videos and share them on social media, thus spreading your message with free advertisements.
  4. Challenges, Stunts, and Contests
    Skip the trade show and opt for a one-of-a-kind marketing experience. Use challenges, stunts, and contests to grab your audience’s attention outside of the confines of a traditional venue.
    These tactics can be planned and marketed or happen on the spot, therefore, relying on the media to capture the moment. Either way, the more outrageous, fun, or exciting the better.
    For example, announce a scavenger hunt in your city or at a local fair and offer a coveted prize to the winner. Or challenge your customers to take selfies at all your locations.

Planning Your Experiential Marketing Campaign

Whatever your experiential marketing campaign may be, you shouldn’t do it alone. These types of campaigns take more planning than traditional advertisements since they are interactive and may be unfamiliar.

Get help by contacting Auctus Agency for a consultation. We can handle everything from planning to execution and even provide the staffing, setup, and technology to have a successful event.

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