5 Tips for Creating a Winning PR Stunt

Did you know that real estate developers originally created the famous Hollywood sign back in the 1920s as a way to promote a new subdivision that they called Hollywoodland?

A well-planned and executed PR stunt can be a great way to generate buzz and get people talking about your brand. However, pulling off a successful PR stunt takes careful planning, creativity, and a bit of luck.

To make things easier for you, we have written a guide. Keep reading if you want to find out more.

  • Make Sure Your Publicity Stunt Is On-Brand
    Your PR stunt should be aligned with your overall marketing and communication goals, as well as your brand values and messaging. It’s also important to ensure that the stunt resonates with your target audience. Also, be sure to choose PR stunt ideas that align with your brand and message.
    For example, if you’re a sustainability-focused company, a stunt that highlights your environmental initiatives would be more on-brand than one that simply seeks to generate buzz for its own sake.
    It’s also important to consider the timing and relevance of the stunt. A stunt that is timely and relevant to current events or trends is more likely to capture the attention of the media and your target audience.
  • Develop a Simple Guerrilla Marketing Concept. A simple concept is easier to understand and communicate to both the media and the public. This can help to increase the chances that media outlets will cover your stunt. If you don’t currently have the resources to organize a guerrilla marketing campaign, you should consider hiring an experiential marketing company to help you out. They will take care of all of your staffing needs.
  • Get Real-Time Audience Engagement for Your Marketing Event. By actively involving your target audience in the stunt, you can create a sense of excitement and participation that can help to drive buzz and increase the reach of your campaign. There are many ways to get real-time audience engagement. This might include using social media to interact with followers and encouraging them to share their own content related to the stunt.
  • Make People Laugh. A well-timed joke or humorous element can help to capture the attention of the media and the public. It can also make your stunt more memorable and shareable. It’s a good idea to test your humor with a focus group or trusted advisors to ensure that it is received as intended and won’t offend anyone.
  • Help Your Street Team Create Shareable Content. By creating content that is interesting, informative, or entertaining, you can increase the chances that your stunt will be shared by the media and the public. Try to create shorter, more visually appealing content that is optimized for mobile viewing if you want to promote your stunt on social media.

Do you need help organizing a new PR stunt for your business? If so, Auctus Agency can help you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us once you’re ready to get started! If you have been wondering what it takes to organize a winning PR stunt, remember how important it is to make sure that your stunt is on-brand.

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