The Complete Guide to Guerrilla Marketing at Trade Shows

Guerrilla marketing is an effective advertising strategy where a company uses unconventional or surprise interactions to promote itself or one of its products or services. Because of its unconventional nature, it’s a great way to turn heads and create new interest in a brand.

While trade shows might sound like a very run-of-the-mill means of promoting a company, by adding in some guerrilla marketing, a company can generate huge interest and make a positive marketing splash.

In this blog post, we will highlight some of the best ideas for guerrilla marketing at trade shows. These include unique marketing supplies, creative contests, and more. Let’s get started!

Get Creative With Free Gifts

Everyone who has ever been to a trade show will tell you it’s a great place to get free pens. Sure, pens are very useful but there are also a bit boring. That’s why we recommend that you think a little outside the box.

Good ideas here include branded frisbees, aluminum water bottles, Rubik’s cubes, kites, mini plants, mini smartphone fans, bicycle bells, and power banks. If your brand has a particular niche, use it to come up with something that will attract more interest than a pen ever will!

Offer Free Mobile Charging

Sometimes it can be difficult to get people to stay at your stand for very long. That’s why it’s a neat idea to set up a wireless charging station that people will be very happy to visit.

While people are waiting for their mobiles to charge, you will be able to speak to them about your brand, its services/products, and how awesome it is.

Hold a Competition

We’re all a little competitive, aren’t we? Well, use that to your advantage and set up a competition or contest that people can enter when they visit your stand.

Remember the convention episode of The Office where the paper company had a contest to see who could make the best paper airplane? Think about your company’s services or products and see what competition you could create to generate interest.

Get Hands-On

Benjamin Franklin once said: “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn.” The point to take here is that it’s a wonderful idea to allow visitors to your stand to get hands-on with your products or services. Make their visit to your stand one that is absolutely unforgettable.

For example, if you own a company that sells food, let visitors get involved in actually making the food. They will learn more about the ingredients and appreciate exactly why it tastes so nice.

Do you make a specific product? Let visitors try their hand at making it! Again, get creative with this and base it around one or more of the products or services that your company is involved in.

Guide to Guerrilla Marketing at a Trade Show

Guerrilla marketing, also known as experimental marketing for good reasons, is all about thinking outside the box. A well-pulled-off publicity stunt at a trade show or event is the perfect way to generate excitement and interest in a brand and its services/products.

For a great guerrilla marketing strategy, partner with the experts at Auctus Agency. Tell us your trade show goals and let’s get working on a master plan!

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