Ideas and Strategies for Trade Show Marketing

Did you know that the convention industry in the United States is worth a whopping $100 billion?

If you want to get your brand name out there, then exposure from conventions and trade shows is the way to go. However, you can’t just show up and expect to gain people’s attention. Instead, you’ll need to use a variety of strategies to make the trade show as successful as possible.

Are you unsure what would work and what wouldn’t? Keep reading to learn all about ideas and strategies for trade show marketing.

Offer Free Merch

Nothing attracts event attendees quite like free merchandise. From branded t-shirts and pens to books and coupons, there are many gifts you can offer people who stop by your set-up.

This strategy will also give you an opportunity to tell them more about your products and services. Since your merch will have your brand on it, those visitors will remember you long after the trade show is over.

Make a Unique Booth

The last thing you’d want is for your booth to appear bland or to blend in with the rest of them. A crucial trade show marketing strategy involves ensuring that your booth stands out from the crowd.

Think about your brand’s aesthetic, in general, and use that as a springboard for your decorative theme. You should capitalize on your brand’s colors. Another great trade show idea involves bringing your mascot to life by having someone at the booth who is dressed up.

If you’re still pressed for ideas, you could attend a convention and see a wide range of trade show marketing examples in person.

Location Planning

Some trade shows are much bigger than others. The more booths there are, the more difficult it can be to get the spotlight on your brand. This is why reliable marketing ideas for expos involve planning where your booth will be.

You should take note of both the entrance and the exit. Sometimes conference buildings have more than one entrance and exit so that should be considered as well.

Being close to entryways or exits is a great way to attract people instead of having them look for you in the busy center. Anyone who wants more campaign ideas should be prepared to welcome people who are in the vicinity of your booth. This can allow you to put your best foot forward.

Are You Ready to Excel in Trade Show Marketing?

Now that you’ve learned about ideas and strategies for trade show marketing, you can decide what options would work best for your brand. That way, you can draw everyone over to your set-up and get more exposure than ever before.

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