Innovative Technologies in Experiential Marketing: Brand Experiences

Some 74% of customers surveyed say that they value brand engagement in their purchasing decisions.

When you can engage your consumers, you’ll have an easier time generating revenue and profits. Today’s consumer is different than other times in history, which is why modernizing your approach is so crucial.

You can do this with some different forms of experiential marketing. If you’d like to create engagement with your branding and marketing, start with these ideas.

1. Using Street Teams

If you’re trying to get experiential, using street teams is one of the best decisions that you can make.

The world is so tech-centric, so people today are craving physical human interactions. Reaching the public with a street team can help you create engagement and an emotional response to your brand.

A street team can be valuable out in public, at a trade show, at a private event, and in other situations.

2. Virtual Reality (VR)

Experiential marketing technology is more seamless than ever. Virtual Reality (VR) involves the use of wearables to enhance media.

Wearing a VR headset while watching one of your videos, taking a tour, or otherwise interacting with your media can create an experience like none other.

You’ll make people feel like they are in an immersive environment, and can drive home the details of your brand. It’s one of the most important forms of types of technology that you can embrace right now.

3. Augmented Reality (AR)

Consider using Augmented Reality (AR) when you’re trying to reach your consumers.

It’s essentially the reverse of VR. Instead of enhancing the media that you’re taking in, AR enhances your real-life experience. For instance, someone attending your trade show booth can wear a device that displays information, emits sounds, and otherwise furthers brand experiences.

This technology adds plenty of creativity to any marketing strategy that you engage in.

4. Mobile Marketing Technology

Smartphone technology is vital in this day and age. So many people access the world via their mobile devices.

Learn how to market your brand identity through app development, search engine optimization (SEO), advertising, and social media marketing. When you can market to people on their devices, you’ll always have a better chance to build engagement and retention.

5. Focusing on Health and Wellness

Keep in mind that health and wellness are versatile areas of life that people are interested in today. These interests affect us all. Tapping into health and wellness you the opportunity to create a brand experience with deeper meaning.

You can invest in branded products like water bottles, jump ropes, heart monitors, and so many other options.

Creatively Grow Your Brand

When you’re looking to grow your brand, these are some of the most creative ways to go about it today. Using VR, AR, and other forms of tech, along with some savvy, can help your brand more than you know.

Building a valuable brand can make your company a smashing success.

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Photo by Bruno Cervera via Pexels

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