4 Tips for Creating a Quality VIP Experience

Almost 60 percent of people recently surveyed said they would “walk away” if they had a bad customer experience. Even staffing and event management is all about creating the VIP experience. Creating VIPs and the “wow” experience takes things to the next level and gives clients the unexpected.

Ways to make the VIP experience in event planning the best include understanding personal preferences and avoiding lines and crowds. Moreover, giveaways are a great way to make it a VIP event.

Here are four tips on creating the best VIP experience for your guests.

1. Understand Personal Preferences

Statistics show personalization creates 40 percent more business from customers and clients. The best experience comes with highly personalized service in just about every detail.

Find out how people like to make contact with your PR agency. If email works best, ensure your event management and event staffing employees understand. Should clients prefer a phone call, let those staffing the event know that information.

Personal preferences for a VIP event could also include better parking or handicapped accessibility. Understanding a person’s diet or drink choices is also essential in event marketing.

2. Avoid Lines and Crowds

Don’t make people wait. Event planning should include quickly getting VIP guests through each line – even security.

When you watch a celebrity event on television, does the event marketing staff make them wait? Heck no! At a celebrity or luxury event, the PR agency ensures those with top priority get through lines quickly!

Crowds can also be a security risk, especially with a big event. The event agency or marketing agency should understand to keep crowds spread out.

3. Give Stuff Away

Who doesn’t like free stuff?

A gift or “goodie” bag is a great way to upgrade the experiential PR event. Fill each bag with items related to your brand, whether they are hats, pens, coffee mugs, or hand sanitizer.

An event agency or marketing agency could also look into purchasing nice gifts, such as jewelry, plane or concert tickets, and gift cards.

4. Say Thank You

Use your staffing to create personalized thank-you notes for everyone who attended your event. Be sure to mail these thank you notes in the mail (don’t use email) within two weeks of the event.

It’s a great reminder to attendees of your brand. It also shows how grateful you are that they came to your event.

Inside each note, include a business card or photo from the event.

Four Tips on Creating the Best VIP Experience

Four tips on creating the best VIP experience for your guests include making things personalized and helping your guests avoid lines and crowds. Also, give stuff away to guests. After the event is over, send a thank you note!

Hire us today, and let us help you create an incredible VIP experience for your guests. We take things to the next level! We will ensure your guests will speak highly about a public relations event.

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