Permits, Rules and Regulations for Experiential Event Marketing

If you’re not using experiential event marketing as a part of your strategy, you’re missing out. Experiential marketing allows people to connect in emotional and meaningful ways as you involve customers in the brand’s story.

That said, it’s crucial that you understand the permits, rules, and regulations regarding event marketing. We’re here to give you a brief but informative overview of everything you need to know.

Here’s how to boost brand awareness and create meaningful connections through event marketing the legal way.

The Different Event Marketing Permits

First, you’ll need event permits if you plan on conducting any experiential activities on city streets, sidewalks, plazas, malls, public parks, transit stations, etc.

Each city has different laws regarding event marketing permits.

You’ll need a special event permit for experiential brand activations on public property. Even indoor events or brand activations require special permits.

There may also be additional fees and rules if you plan on serving concessions or alcohol.

Permits are necessary for amplified sound, tents, large props, etc. Plus, you’ll need fire department permits for electricity or generators.

You want to ensure your event is legal, so you should start the permitting process anywhere from 90-120 days before the big day.

Permits for Tents

If you plan on having a tent, canopy, or membrane structure at your event, you’ll need a building permit or a special event permit.

Requirements vary depending on the length of time you’ll have it up and whether you plan on using electrical cords, lights, heat or air, or water. Additionally, you’ll need special permissions for selling or storing items.

If your tent is only up for less than 180 days, you’ll need a special event permit. If it’s longer than that, you need a building permit. Additional permits include:

  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Plumbing
  • Temporary use

Signs and Banners

Signs, banners, and building wraps are quite common in an experiential marketing strategy. Signs might be temporary and made of canvas, plastic, wallboard, etc.

Contact your zoning administrator to discuss the rules and regulations for signs.

Obstruction Permits

Cities require an obstruction permit if you plan on closing bike lanes, sidewalks, parking lanes, and traffic lanes.

Contact the Right of Way Permitting System to acquire a permit. You’ll need to register yourself and your business and explain why you need the permit, the dates, and whether you need to post no parking signs or cover parking meters.

Be sure to set aside enough in your experiential marketing budget to account for the additional fees, such as the cost for traffic control agents.

Event Regulations for Food and Beverages

If you plan on offering food and beverages at the event, you’ll need a short-term food permit to sell or give away food to the public. Additionally, you can only offer food and beverages that have been approved.

There are some exceptions, such as for licensed food trucks.

Event Rules for Sweepstakes

Marketers have to be careful that they aren’t breaking any lottery or gambling laws if they plan on having sweepstakes at the event.

An illegal lottery involves participants offering something of value for a chance to win a prize.

Make sure you understand state and city laws concerning this subject before planning your experiential marketing strategy or organizing the event.

Make the Most of Your Experiential Event Marketing

If you want to make your event a success, be sure you understand all applicable laws and permits beforehand. Use this guide to get started planning your event.

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