Effective Gamification Strategies for Trade Shows

Trade shows are back in full force after the pandemic of 2020. That’s why 65% of typical exhibitors consider attending a trade show an invaluable part of their marketing strategy.

Perhaps your event staffing is looking for ways to make your upcoming events stand out in creative ways. Well, gamification can be an effective way to engage attendees at these events.

Many exhibitors even hire a trained marketing agency that knows about the top trends and tech used by experiential staffing at trade shows. Keep reading to learn how gamification works.

Types of Creative Trade Shows Gamification

There are several strategies you can use to incorporate gamification into trade shows. The most popular is offering a prize or incentive for participating in a game or other activity at the booth.

This could look like a raffle entry with trade show game prizes, for example. The winnings could range from discounts on products to services to free merchandise.

You could also offer a leaderboard system. This would be where people compete against each other in some lighthearted fun. Then, the top scorers receive prizes like gift cards or vouchers.

Not only does this friendly competition encourage community and excitement among attendees. It also encourages them to keep playing and interacting with your booth.

Maybe you want some kind of game that takes up more time. Consider more interactive activities, then, such as scavenger hunts or trivia challenges. Participants would become very invested in the larger rewards down the line. Plus, they’d be spending much more time near your trade show booth.

The Benefits of Having Your Event Staffing Host Games

Beyond adding some fun to these events for your experiential staffing, games can be a great marketing tool. Trade show booth games are a great way to get people talking about your brand.

Marketing trade shows can be daunting, but using gamification makes participation much more enticing. It also provides an entertaining way for them to learn more about your products or services.

You know that business is all about building relationships. Fun activities hosted by your event staffing often require multiple sessions over the course of the event. This provides multiple opportunities to interact with potential customers and build those relationships.

Get the Right Tech for Your Games

Finally, you could set up virtual reality (VR) stations at your booth. Participants will love playing with this kind of tech. This will allow attendees to explore different aspects of your product or service without ever leaving the booth area.

Using VR technology is a great way to make your booth stand out. After all, trade shows generated over $18 billion in 2022. There’s likely a lot of competition you need to stay ahead of at your next event.

For the best results, hire a marketing agency or PR agency in your area. In addition, continue your research on trade show marketing insights.

Hire a Marketing Agency for Your Upcoming Events

To make the most of your upcoming trade show events, gamification is the way to go. Whether it’s through VR tech or having your event staffing host a raffle, make the game a creative marketing tool for your brand.

Plus, you can always hire a reputable marketing agency or PR agency to assist with your experiential staffing. That’s why we encourage you to reach out to us about your trade shows marketing strategy.

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