Out-Of-Home Best Practices: Billboards

Billboards are a cheap form of advertising. This makes them a great way to market a product, service, or event.

Perhaps you’ve been considering using a billboard as an out-of-home marketing strategy to build your clients or sales. That’s why we’re here to give you tips and practices to make your billboard one that stands out and draws attention to passers-by.

Want to learn more about using an out of home billboard as a marketing tool? Read on to learn more.

Place Your Billboard in the Right Location
Your billboard should include messages and be placed in prime locations outdoors for those walking or driving to see. You should position out-of-home (OOH) billboards where those who you’re wanting to target can see them plainly.
Understanding who your target audience is will be step one here. For example, highway billboards may be great where drivers are on carriageways. Within the city, it’s better to place them where walkers can spot them and take in the message. These are some things to think about when choosing billboard locations.

Get Your OOH Timing Right
When advertising with billboards, you need to think about when you want to reach your audience. For example, if there’s an upcoming event or a new product being released, the best time could be a few weeks leading up to the event or what’s called the consideration phase. Here, you want large branding to catch your attention.
You want your message to convey exactly what’s so good about the new product or event taking place. Include any offers, discounts, and details for contacting the company. This could be the phone number as well as information directing them to your social media platforms.

Use the Right Designs
Different formats and styles offer an original way to convey your message, branding, and product. Use the perfect designs to strike awareness and give it the wow factor it deserves so that you can drive up your customer base.
If you’re looking for experiential out-of-home marketing via billboards, then Auctus Agency is right for you. With us, you’ll get designs that offer a whole new experience to advertising through our expert staffing and street team.

Construct a Powerful Message
Your message tells all. Create a message that’s inviting and set your business as the one for its space. Information that’s clear, simple, and to the point will always work best.
Static formats are on show all day, every day. This gives them the chance to be seen at any time and can’t be missed, even by drivers at night. Static placements are trending due to their uniqueness and can be used on digital billboards, making them more powerful and easily seen.

Get on Board With Us for Your Out of Home Marketing
Out of home billboards offer a fantastic way to draw your customers in. Using cool design trends, creating a message that conveys, and getting your timing right are all important factors involved.
Ready to choose the billboard that will get you sales? Contact our expert marketing team. You’ll have customers rolling through your door.

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