Hiring and Working With Celebrities

Ready to take your marketing to the next level? Hiring a celebrity spokesperson may be the boast your company needs. On average, company profits increase by 4 percent when they began working with a celebrity.

There are so many more benefits to working with a celebrity spokesperson. We want you to take advantage of those benefits. Continue reading to learn more about this marketing strategy.

Consider the Cost
Before hiring a celebrity spokesperson, it’s essential to consider your marketing budget. Ask yourself, “What can my company afford to spend on our marketing budget?” For reference, a local celebrity may cost your company up to five thousand dollars to millions for A-list celebrities. Prices can range depending on what type of marketing you’re asking them to perform. For example, a commercial may cost more than an Instagram post. You must be able to pay your spokespeople consistently, or it may impact your company’s reputation. You also do not want to exacerbate your marketing funds.

Research the Spokesperson
Using a celebrity is a great publicity stunt to get your company’s brand out there. So, the celebrity’s values should reflect the image of your company. For example, if your company is vegan and speaks against animal cruelty, you don’t want to hire a celebrity that endorses meat or a butcher shop. The values clash, and it seems insincere to the audience. During the research, also consider the celebrity’s reputation. If it’s consistently negative, it’s probably best to consider other options for spokespeople. Public image is everything to the prosperity of a company.

Set Collaboration Expectations
When collaborating with a new celebrity, setting expectations early on is essential. It makes sure both parties are comfortable with the collaboration. Also, both your company and the celebrity have busy schedules, so it’s essential to be transparent with each other. Ask the star to exchange their calendar of events with your company. This will make scheduling an event or trade show with the spokesperson much easier. Additionally, it’s essential to prepare your spokesperson before an event. That means providing them with a script or guidelines when promoting your company.

Be Respectful
Celebrities are people, and they deserve respect too. So do not waste their time with an ill-prepared proposal. You need to represent your company correctly. Boundaries are essential in this relationship. Remember, they are human and not just a component of your marketing strategy. If you build a positive relationship with them, everything will run smoothly.

Learn More About Brand Marketing Strategy
Including a celebrity in your company’s marketing strategy can help your brand awareness, among other things. These tips provide a solid foundation to begin a relationship with a spokesperson.
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