The Best Guide to Planning a Social Media Takeover

On March 17, 2020, Tim Tiller, the director of security at the National Cowboy Museum in Oklahoma City, took over the museum’s social media channels. Tiller’s candid, wholesome posts often included “#hashtag” in them.

In a matter of weeks, the museums following began to boom, and hundreds of thousands of people started following this little cowboy museum in Oklahoma, all because of a social media takeover.
Done right, this marketing stunt can boost PR for an organization or an event it is holding. Companies like Auctus Agency help their clients daily with guerilla marketing tactics like this and see social media followings grow quickly.

Where do you begin, though? A social media takeover can cause massive damage if done poorly and massive success if done correctly. By the time you finish reading this article, you will understand how to execute a social media takeover and what this marketing stunt can do for your organization.

Executing a Social Media Takeover
A social media takeover means that a company or organization allows an individual access to their social media accounts. To execute one, the organization must establish ground rules with the party taking over their account:
Topic: the focus of the posts
Time: when the takeover begins
Duration: how long the takeover lasts
Account username and password

Then the organization will introduce and describe the takeover event. The person who takes over the account will share pictures and posts that provide value to the audience. In the case of the National Cowboy Museum, Tiller provided pictures of museum exhibits and genuine commentary.
The marketing team must then make promoting social media takeovers a major part of their job for a short period of time.

Audience Focused Marketing Stunt
The key to success behind this social media strategy lies in understanding your audience. If you’re a University, for example, your target audience is 15 to 18-year-olds. You want to attract students, and so you need to use their platform to promote your brand. When you allow a team of students to take over your social media account, you now have a stronger potential to reach your target audience.

Utilize Free Publicity For a Special Event
Basic social media posts are free publicity for your organization If you have a special event coming up, a social media takeover offers you another opportunity to market your brand intelligently.
Give your takeover host the opportunity to produce entertaining content which will promote your special event coming up. Best of all, the publicity is free since social media accounts cost nothing to establish and maintain.

Tap Into Your Street Team
Your street team is a group of brand ambassadors that represent your organization beyond your physical location. Street team members understand your audience. Consider using a street team member for your social media takeover. Street team members understand your social media platforms well. They’re loyal ambassadors who are typically not paid in money. Companies like Auctus Agency help with staffing to ensure your brand ambassadors truly reflect your organization.

Use Your Resources
Managing a social media takeover takes time and significant effort. It can yield fantastic results, as in the case of the National Cowboy Museum. This little museum saw its following go from a few hundred to over 300,000 in a few weeks after security guard Tim Tiller took over.

Are you looking for a way to boost your social media following? If so, contact us. Our team is ready to promote your brand and help your organization grow.

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