The Complete Guide to Creating a Winning Event Strategy

An estimated 91% of consumers will gain more positive feelings about a brand when attending an event. If your event doesn’t go as well as you may have hoped, however, that percentage will probably be less. To maximize the effectiveness of your brand marketing, you need to create a winning event strategy.
Read on to learn some ways to make your event the best that it can be.

Create a List of Business Event Goals
Listing some goals beforehand can help you structure your later plans for an event. Consider how you want your customers to view your brand after the event and how you want to make them feel. You should probably also include an ideal budget and other practical matters in your business event goals list as well.

Prioritize Making Experiential Marketing Activities
Remember that the main goal of a customer-centric event is to connect customers to your brand. One good way to do this is to create activities for events that use experiential marketing tactics. These activities should make your customers feel like they’re part of the brand more than they will by just being at the event. For example, if you’re in a retail business, let customers help create a new product. Set up a station where customers can draw a design for a product. You can then ask your customers to vote on their favorite product later.

Be Creative When Promoting Business Events
You can’t expect people to show up to an event without knowing it’s taking place. This is why promoting the event is important. However, social media posts may not be enough. Consider getting more creative with how you market the event. Try to brainstorm with your team and get some ideas that can wow potential customers with the marketing tactic’s uniqueness. This should probably involve more than just a street team distributing flyers and/or posters.

Use Your Sampling Marketing Strategy Wisely
Sampling can be a great strategy for the right kind of business. It can be easy to create samples for shampoo and makeup but this isn’t the case with toys and technology. Don’t try to force sampling where it doesn’t belong. Also, do your best to create a reasonable amount of samples. You don’t want to be left with a lot of leftover samples as that’s a waste of money. If you have data from a previous event, use that to estimate the crowds at your event and try to make that many samples.

Let Auctus Agency Boost Your Brand Marketing Strategy
Above all, recognize just how important an event can be for your business’ image. A poor event can end up pushing customers away or even tarnishing your brand’s image permanently.
If you’re struggling with having all this event planning responsibility on your shoulders, Auctus Agency can help. We boost your brand marketing strategy by connecting people to your brand with our experiential marketing strategies. Our 50,000 professionals in over 375 markets have left our over 150 clients satisfied.
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