Out-of-Home Best Practices: Transit

Digital out-of-home marketing is one of the fastest-growing types of advertising. It isn’t hard to see why, either. With big changes in display technologies, there are more ways than ever for clever advertisers to impact their audience.

Transit advertising in particular offers several unique opportunities, such as location-specific marketing. This is becoming especially clear as people return to work and travel post-pandemic.

If your business isn’t leveraging transit advertising yet, you could be missing out. To learn more about this exciting and innovative type of advertising, keep reading.

How Transit Advertising Works

Transit advertising involves placing ads in prominent transit locations. These include public transport vehicles and terminals along their routes. Airports, bus stops, subway stations, taxis, buses, and trains have valuable advertising spots.

Public transportation channels are often highly crowded. This makes them prime locations for advertisers that want to reach a wide audience. Because ads are location-specific, transit advertising is especially powerful for local businesses.

Types of Transit Advertising

There are two main types of transit advertising: indoor and outdoor.

Indoor transit advertising usually consists of inside cards placed in public transportation vehicles. These cards come in countless styles, many of them digital. They range from displays in front of taxi seats to posters on subway trains.

Outdoor transit advertising involves outdoor posters and platform, terminal, and station displays.

Some of them are massive ads plastered on buses. Others take the form of LED displays on top of taxis. Still others are simple signs on train platforms.

Transit Advertising Benefits

Transit advertising has several unique advantages that make it an obvious choice for ambitious brands.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of using transit ads is that they can reach huge numbers of people in little time. Hundreds or thousands of people can filter through a busy station in a day, and vehicle ads may be seen all over a city.

The geographic advantage of transit advertising is also quite significant. As an advertiser, you can easily control when and where ads are seen. This makes it a powerful choice for local businesses trying to draw in new customers.

Transit ads are also effective for boosting a brand’s reputation and familiarity. This is due to their repetitive nature.

Transit Advertising Budget

Another benefit of transit advertising is its cost-effectiveness.

Naturally, the exact budget for transit advertising will vary from one campaign to another. However, transit ads are relatively cheaper than many other types of advertising. An ad on the side of a bus can be purchased at a very affordable CPM.

Get Started With Out-of-Home Marketing

At this point, it’s easy to see why transit advertising should be part of your out-of-home marketing strategy.

If your business isn’t taking advantage of OOH’s potential, there’s never been a better time to get started. Auctus Agency can help you craft and implement the perfect strategy to impact consumers and boost your sales.

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