Crafting Unforgettable Experiential Marketing Campaigns

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It’s estimated that there are nearly 800,000 marketing specialists in the United States. As our consumer desires become more diverse, marketing requires new specialties to reach and fulfill them.

This helps explain the rise in experiential marketing. But what exactly is experiential marketing? And how do you go about crafting a campaign that people are going to care about?

If you want to discover the answer to these questions and more, you’re in the perfect place. In this guide, we’ll break down some classic examples of experiential marketing. That way, you can start brainstorming how they can be effectively applied to your brand.

What Is Experiential Marketing?

Typically, when we interact with marketing, it’s in the comfort of our homes or offices. Maybe we click on the banner ad or leave a comment on a social media post. With experiential marketing, you’re able to interact with your ideal audience in the real world.

You do this by creating experiences with your brand. So why is this valuable? Consumers are changing. A recent study found that 76% of buyers prefer experiences over material items.

Experiential markets can help provide the experiences that consumers are craving. This, in turn, improves their relationship to the branding.

What Are Some Examples of Experiential Marketing?

One popular example of experiential marketing is guerilla engagement. This involves physically getting your brand out on the block through the use of a street team.

It might involve sampling, where they demonstrate how a product or service is used. Or, it can be a publicity stunt designed to entertain and spread through social media. A brand ambassador or influencer can be a great tool for experiential marketing.

They can promote events like a trade show beforehand. Then, document the experiences during the event. After the event, they can offer things like discount codes.

A conference in your industry can also be a great experiential marketing. Set up a booth and think of creative ways your staff can connect with people at the event.

The Secret to Crafting Unforgettable Experiential Marketing Campaigns

The secret to a great experiential marketing campaign is all about staffing. You want professionals who can think outside the box in terms of creating experiences with your brand.

What’s more, they also need to be personable when dealing with consumers on the street. If you plan on throwing an event, look for an event management company. They can provide all the event staffing you need for your experiential marketing campaign.

Interested in Learning More About Experiential Marketing? Contact Auctus Agency

We hope this guide helped you learn more about experiential marketing. Here at Auctus Agency, we’re passionate about humanizing brands. That’s why we have over 80,000 brand professionals working in 300 different media markets.

This broad reach has given us the resources to craft experiential marketing campaigns that consumers won’t soon forget.

We know you probably have some questions about how we can help your specific brand. So contact us today and we’ll begin creating the experiential marketing that your business deserves.

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